Sexy Lindsey Anne Strutt

Lindsey Anne Strutt
Lindsey Anne Strutt

Lindsey Anne Strutt (born April 26, 1987) is an English glamour model from Wheatley Hills, Doncaster She appeared in Daily Star as a Page Three girl, and in men's magazines. 

She has often been photographed with other big-bust models like Lucy Pinder. She is from Wheatley Hills, Doncaster, and was born in 1987. 

Lindsey Strutt, or 'The Strutter' as she has come to be known, has the lovely Yorkshire accent that you would expect from someone who hails from Donny. She's ever-so-slightly tiny - 5'3" in height - with a corking 32E chest and bewitching hazel eyes. 

In her time, she has appeared in the magazine Loaded in a shoot with rap megastar 50 Cent, but her crowning moment came when she fearlessly flew out to Iraq to greet the troops at Christmas at Basra in Christmas 2007. 

Despite the fact that Basra was wracked by storms and covered in ankle-deep sucking mud, Lindsey got stuck in and won thousands of troops over with her fresh-faced good looks and winning sense of humour. She's a top lass, is Lindsey. 

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